For over 30 years,
we have been
guaranteeing reliability

and safety to our clients.


Fap works from 30years in two major sectors: rail field as supplier for internal decoration, refurbishing program and accessories of train coaches; in the caravanning field , in addition to supply valves, lights and other many different items, is the leader company for locks production, granting clients reliability and safety of the products.
By means of modern research and development technologies, FAP has as priority target a constant quality improvement, policy that earned appreciation and reputation within the most important Italian and International costumers of both markets.

The Company, located in Florence and with 4.000 covered square meter, includes Production Dept., computerized Warehouse, Technical Dept. equipped with advanced engineering systems and Quality Control Dept..
Thanks to CAD 3D technology, the Company is able to satisfy all different needs with personalized technical solution as per end user's request.
The Company has DNV certification with UNI ENI ISO 9001/2008 system.